Getachew Fantu is an European, African & Canadian trained, internationally-renowned, artist who brings to life the internal pride experienced once one imbibes on the richness of cultural diversity. His works, adorn the personal spaces of world boxing champion Lennox Lewis, former Argo’s quarterback Rocket Ishmail and many other Canadian personalities. His style is unmistakable. Numerous art connoisseurs who have seen his works are emotionally and physically drawn to it.


Fantu's work is a culmination of colour, rawness, and power. His varied cultural experiences have undoubtedly added a riveting quality to his work. He no doubt continues to be influenced by the vivid images and brilliant colours that created a kaleidoscope in his native Ethiopian market places. Forever in his mind’s eye is the parade of proud faces he saw as a youth. European and Canadian experiences are equally present in his work; adding a universal appeal.


Scholarships from the Italian Government allowed Getachew to attend universities in Italy. Further studies at the Alberta College of Art and Medicine Hat College here in Canada rounded off his formal training.


Gatachew is also the recipient of a Certificate of Merit from the Alberta Government for scholastic achievement and has received various other awards over the years.


The works clearly demonstrates the genius of Getachew Fantu as an inspired artist. The pieces draw you into his chamber of realization wherein he utilizes the five senses to enhance the impact on your human spirit. Getachew Fantu stretches the limits and finds new artistic horizons.

Dr. Ralph Agard
Patron & Curator